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Edible/Medicinal Plants

     An important skill to learn on the journey to becoming more self-reliant is the identification and knowledge of uses for different plants.  Wild plants can provide several nutritional benefits and many have medicinal uses as well.  Join us in learning how to find and identify the food sources and potential medical aids in the woodlands or even your own backyard.
     In this course students will receive training on the basics of plant identification.  Students will hike with one of our instructor cadre and forage for these hidden gems.  Along the way learn what is edible, how it can be prepared and when it's in season.  Learn medicinal qualities of your finds and even sample some or our woodland bounty.

     This course is for one day.  Students are welcome to camp on Friday night prior to the course.  Meals are NOT provided.  Latrines are available.  No bathing facilities available.  Instructors have time flexibility based on the ability of the group but generally speaking; classes should begin around 10 a.m. and finish around 5 p.m.  Cost of class is $50.00, hurry, class size is limited to 20 students.  

         The deadline to register for classes is one week prior to the scheduled event in order to adequately prepare for the instruction of the class. 

     You may register now by calling or e-mailing us.  We have offered two different payment options for your convenience-you can pay in full or pay in three payments with the final payment being paid no later than 2 weeks prior to the class being held.