This is a list of recommended equipment for training.  If you would like to see our recommendations for certain products, please visit our recommended products page which is coming soon.  Additionally, if you have questions regarding any of the recommended equipment, please contact us.
1.  Tent
2.  Food for the number of days you will be attending class (meals are not provided)
3.  Water Container (preferably Stainless Steel and Single Wall Construction)
4.  Cook Set (as simple as a cheap mess kit or as elaborate as you want to make it)
5.  Clothing (dress for the weather)
6.  Cordage - 100' of mil spec paracord, should be type III or better
7.  Cordage - one roll of #36 bankline
8.  Knife (90◦ spine, full tang or quality rat tail tanged knife such as a mora; carbon steel blade, non coated)
9.  3 - 55 gallon drum liners - 3 mil
10.  Lighter
11.  Gloves (preferably calves hide)
12.  Sleeping pad (if desired), sleeping bag or wool blanket
13.  Hat
14.  Sunscreen
15.  Insect Repellant
16.  Chapstick
17.  Raingear or poncho
18.  Comfortable pair of boots
19.  Space blanket
20.  Headlamp and/or Flashlight - w/ spare batteries
21.  Duct Tape - 1 roll
22.  Note Pad and Pencils
23.  Hygiene Kit (biodegradeable products only)
24.  Individual First Aid Kit (including any medications you currently take)
25.  Tarp - 6 x 8 or larger
You may purchase cordage, drum liners, lighters, sunscreen, insect repellant, chapstick, ponchos, space blankets, headlamps, flashlights, batteries, duct tape, notepads, pencils and tarps at the school facility if you so desire.