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    Individual First-Aid Kit
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    Instructor Joe Adkins

Introduction to Survival 4-Part Series

     Join one of our top-notch instructors for a few hours covering the basics of survival.  This class is usually offered in a four part series and is located at one of our partner locations.
     The first class in this four part series of classes is Introduction to Survival.  Students get an introduction to survival priorities, common sense survival situation avoidance recommendations, the "Rule of Threes", considerations for a 72 hour pack that can be made for less than $100.00 that can sustain you.
     The second class in this four part series of classes is Water.  Students are introduced to the importance of water, filtration and purification technologies, the dangers of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, a brief overview of where water can be found in a woodland and some methods to procure it. 
     The third installment in this series is Fire.  Students are introduced to the importance of fire-craft, what it takes to build a fire, fire safety, the benefits of fire, ignition sources and of course (weather permitting) students will get a shot at making a fire without a lighter or match!
     The final round of classes is a Make and Take.  There is a cost for this portion of the class to cover materials.  Students will make a fire kit to get them started on their self-reliant journey.

Prepare, Survive, Thrive!