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    Individual First-Aid Kit
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  3. Instructor Joe Adkins with students.
    Instructor Joe Adkins with students.

Parent-Child Survival Workshop

     Join us for a weekend of survival education with children in mind.  Day one is creation of an atlatl and a dart.  Instructor David Dyer will tell you the history of the atlatl and teach you to throw your dart.  We will have some fun once you get the hang of it and do some fun competitions for small prizes.  We will top off the evening with a Mammoth (fruit) hunt.  We will stalk our prey and when we bag our prize we will eat it!
     Day two is about fire!  Specifically, one of our instructors will go over fire safety  and how to constuct a propper fire lay.  We will have a short discussion on the ingredients for a fire and then lean to use a ferro rod as an ignition source.  And what fun is a fire without a marshmallow roast?!!?
     This is an excellent, fun way to get children interested in self-reliance and let them learn skills that could prove invaluable.  While the curriculum is taken with children in mind that dosen't mean that adults can't have fun too!  Pick a class or register for both for a discount.  Additional atlatl kits and darts can be included with registration. 

Prepare, Survive, Thrive!