Here are what some of our students have to say about their experience at The Mountaineer Institute for Self-Reliance. 

  1. The facility was well thought out and set up for learning. The curriculum was covered concisely, thoroughly, and professionally. The instructors presented the information very well and made sure each student grasped the concept before moving to the next topic. The hospitality shown by all those affiliated with the school was beyond what was expected.
    B. Horne, WV
  2. I took the Basic Shelter Class. I really learned a lot about primitive shelter building as well as making tarp shelters. I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and very patient with everyone when asked questions. I would highly recommend anyone to take this as well as other classes offered at The Mountaineer Institute for Self-Reliance.
    J. Buzzard, WV
  3. The instructors were top notch! Hand on learning experience. What I learned at the school is more than I could've ever learned on my own watching any kind of tutorials. I highly recommend the school and the instructors!!
    K. Wamsley, WV
  4. I would encourage anyone with children that may be interested in the outdoors to bring them to any classes you attend. This will help get them out of the house and help develop a love for the outdoors and teach them valuable skills that one day, you never know, may pay huge dividends to them if they were ever put into an unexpected survival situation.
    A. Pomeroy, WV
  5. Calling all novices--Listen, I hadn't ever even pitched a tent before this weekend. And now, not only can I confidently do that, I can also build a shelter from minimal materials and what the earth has to offer. Never once was I made to feel silly or inadequate in my abilities. Joe's passion for teaching really shines through, putting learning at the forefront and skill advancement as the goal. Excellent environment. I will be back!
    S. Boukhemis, WV
  6. I walked away from the course confidently knowing how to build shelter if I ever need to. The instructor, Joe, was very patient and took all the time that was necessary in order for me to completely understand the material. The class was also very hands (on) and we were able to actually practice the material we had learned. I will definitely be back to take other courses and I highly recommend this course along with the many other available courses to anyone who is interested!
    H. Begley, WV
  7. Thought because it was a "basic" shelter class that it would be a good refresher course. Wow, was I wrong!!! Was amazed at how much I learned in two days. The facility was first rate, the instructors were beyond knowledgeable, and the curriculum for the course was top shelf!!!
    T. Osborne, WV